Camilla Ramberg CEO CoolProfs

It is May, the sun is shining and we have a 'roadmap' from the government. Finally the schools open; we can go to the hairdresser and the physio and in a few weeks we can even sit on a terrace again! We’ve become experts in cherishing the small things!

Nothing changes for the working-from-home situation. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. I see happy employees with a healthy skin colour, avoiding traffic jams does wonders. How can we hold on to the positive things after this corona crisis? How can we contribute to the society and our employees? How can we be more flexible without compromising cooperation with our customers? Questions we are currently investigating. You can help us with that. Let me know what you need to work better remotely!

And we are also working on new service propositions; we are busy creating educational content and R&D team has developed a Chatbot, take a look!

The low code chatbot .CoolBot

Automate your services with the .CoolBot and experience what Artificial Intelligence can do for your organization. The .CoolBot uses both OutSystems and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to provide the best chatbot experience for your visitors.

Read more about the .Coolbot

Poster contest May

CoolProfs has been around for 20 years, which is why every month we come up with a film poster remake starring our own people.

Guess and win a pair of CoolProfs socks.

Watch webinars at your convenience

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