Camilla Ramberg, CEO CoolProfs

At CoolProfs, we are slowly getting used to working from home, our consultants have found their rhythm and we have become familiar with the technology that makes it possible. We Team up, Zoom like never before and play Online Pictionary during the virtual Friday afternoon drink. The meetings are more efficient and luckily all the consultants are all busy for our clients where business continues. We are happy about that. CoolProfs also wants to add value in these times by sharing our knowledge online. On April 15th we have a live demo of the Cool Data Mover and on April 21st we will host the first partner driven OutSystems Live remotely together with OutSystems!

Webinar: Live Demo Cool Data Mover

Data migration between environments in OutSystems. On Wednesday, April 15th we will explain in a live demo how this can be done much more efficiently.

You can register via this link.

OS 11 offers interesting new functionality

Due to the global situation with corona, OutSystems has extended its support for OS 10 until the end of 2020. This gives you a little more time to explore OS 11 and extend the upgrade well ahead of time.

Read more about the new features of OS 11 and our upgrade service.

Get to know the OutSystems platform remotely

On Tuesday, April 21st CoolProfs and OutSystems will hold the first partner lead online "OutSystems Live".

Hear real-world stories from developers using the OutSystems application development platform every day. Then, work on a team, building an application to solve a real-world problem in under an hour!

Furthermore, Stan Visscher from Credit Agricole Consumer Finance will talk about his experiences with OutSystems and LowCode Development.

This event is Dutch spoken, but let us know if you’re interested, we are considering English.

Register now.

Poster contest April

CoolProfs is celebrating its 20th anniversary, which is why we come up with a film poster remake every month starring our own people.

Guess and win a pair of CoolProfs socks.

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