CoolProfs appoints Camilla Ramberg as new CEO
Founders Eric ten Harkel and Luuc van der Meer stay involved in the company

Oude Wetering, October 8th 2019 -  The Rapid development partner CoolProfs appointed a new CEO from October 1st onwards. After having led the company for a period of 19 years the founders and major shareholders Luuc van der Meer (61) and Eric ten Harkel (57) are making way for Camilla Ramberg (40) as the new Chief Executive Officer.

Ramberg worked the past three years for CoolProfs where she held the role as Sr. sales consultant, focusing on acquiring and supporting new customers as projects. She was responsible for larger customer projects such as the Rainforest Alliance (previously UTZ Certified) and grid operator Stedin.

Camilla Ramberg: “I have gotten to know CoolProfs as a company that works with involvement and commitment. Our expertise on the low-code development platform OutSystems is unprecedented in the Dutch market. I will continue on the course set out by Luuc and Eric, and will focus on positioning CoolProfs as the best OutSystems-partner in the market.”

Eric ten Harkel: “Luuc and I are very happy that Camilla came to us claiming: “You are doing a good job but I think I know a better way”. She has the vision and passion to do the job. We raised CoolProfs with love and pride and know it is now time to let our child lose so that it can develop further. It is with great confidence that Luuc and I are now taking a step back.”

Van der Meer and Ten Harkel remain involved with CoolProfs with a focus on the technological development and positioning.



Left to right: Eric ten Harkel, Camilla Ramberg, Luuc van der Meer. 


Nineteen years experience
​Ten Harkel and Van der Meer founded CoolProfs b.v. in 2000, a company specialising in consultancy and development of custom software applications, initially using the development tool Cool Gen (later CA Gen). In 2008, CoolProfs acquired Tri-IT, a consultancy company specialising in .NET development. This also lead to CoolProfs starting with the low-code platform OutSystems and became the first OutSystems partner in the Netherlands. Since then, CoolProfs has gained a lot of knowledge and experience with the development of high quality enterprise software applications using OutSystems, a platform which quickly became one of the most advanced a leading low-code platform on the market. CoolProfs grew from 5 employees in 2000 to 95 per date and realized a revenue of almost €11 million in 2018.

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