CoolBot = OutSystems + Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
The chatbot logic is usually encoded in .NET or in another code language. We looked at which technology best fits with OutSystems platform to implement our chatbot logic. In the end there is one candidate that clearly distinguishes itself from the rest: Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. Why Azure Cloud Services?
Read more on our Hyperion website.

Meet Scooter: Our first .CoolBot chatbot

Scooter (a Q&A-chatbot), is now available. He has been created to answer your questions about a variety of things and, of course, to showcase some of the possible additional functionalities of our .CoolBot.
Test Scooter here.

"How much does a chatbot cost me and does it really deliver something?"

This is a frequently asked question. To give more insight in this, we have developed a ROI calculator. Here you can see what savings are possible by using our .CoolBot.
Go to the ROI Calculator.

For more information or a demo of our .CoolBot, click on the red button on your right to send an email. If you want to stay informed about all new developments at CoolProfs, please subscribe to our newsletter.

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